Ethics Board

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Mailing address PO Box 550
1 Clearwater Rd.
New Paltz, NY 12561
United States

Board of Ethics

Purpose of the Ethics Law

Officers, employees and consultants of the Town of New Paltz hold their positions to serve and benefit the public, and not for obtaining unwarranted personal or private gain in the exercise and performance of their official powers and duties. The Town Board recognizes that, in furtherance of this fundamental principle, there is a need for clear and reasonable standards of ethical conduct. This code of ethics establishes those standards.


Requests to the Board of Ethics for Advisory Opinions

The Board of Ethics may only render advisory opinions subject to these limitations:

(1) Requests shall be in writing.

(2) Requests or inquiries must originate with a municipal officer or employee.

(3) Requests or inquiries must relate to the Town's Code of Ethics.

(4) The opinion must be approved as to legal sufficiency by the Attorney for the Town.

You may download a copy of the Request for Advisory Opinion here

Local Law Chapter 15, Ethics

Please see Local Chapter 15 for the complete text.




Board Members

Name Title
Mary Woodburn Chair
Karen Verney Member/Town Employee
Philipe Robbins Member
Therese Sibon Member
Janet Yusko Member
Daniel Torres Town Board Liaison
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