Important Info Re: Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal

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The first use of a flashing yellow arrow in Ulster County was activated on 12/6/2018 at Route 299 & Putt Corners Road in New Paltz.

These arrows have been used successfully in other regions of New York, other states, and are approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

A website with additional information that explains the flashing yellow arrow is available online:



How It Works:

The following shows what drivers will see during one full cycle of the new signal configuration.

The steady red arrow requires left turning vehicles to stop and wait.

The steady green arrow means that oncoming traffic has a red signal and must stop. Left turning vehicles have the right of way and can proceed.

The steady yellow arrow warns the driver that the left turn signal is about to turn red. A left turning driver must yield to oncoming traffic during this phase. Drivers should stop before they enter the intersection, if they are able.

The steady red arrow will then be displayed for a second time during the signal cycle.

The flashing yellow arrow permits drivers to turn left when it is safe to do so. During this phase, left turning traffic must yield to oncoming traffic and can only turn left when a safe gap in traffic is available. Pedestrians crossing have the right of way over left turning vehicles.

The steady yellow arrow will then be displayed a second time before starting the signal cycle again.


Remember: a Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow = Turn With Caution

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