RFP- Climate Smart Community Green House Gas Inventories and Climate Action Plans Support

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Joint Town/Village of New Paltz

Climate Smart Community Green House Gas Inventories and Climate Action Plans Support

The Town of New Paltz Board requests proposals to support the creation of government and community Green House Gas Inventories and Climate Action Plans as per Climate Smart Communities grant 67240.  

Responsive proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, be identified as “Response to Request for Green House Gas Inventory Support”, and be received by the Town Clerk at Town Hall, 52 Clearwater Road, New Paltz NY by 2:00 p.m. on July 2, 2018.

The Town of New Paltz Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals if it deems it necessary in the best interest of the citizens of the Town. 

Notice of this RFP will be published in a local newspaper and posted on the Town’s Website and other venues to solicit responses from interested and qualified firms.



Work with the GHG inventory sub team to (all Due Dates are sequential from initiation of contract):

1. Provide options for GHG inventory tools and guide selection of a Local Government Operations Protocol-compliant tool that is appropriate for the local goals and resources.  Due Date: 1 Month from contract effective date

2.  Coordinate the process of determining baseline year, assessment of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions that the Village, Town, and Community are responsible for, and decision on what government and community sectors, facilities, and emission sources will be included in the inventory.   Due Date: 1 Month from completion of action above

3.  Provide templates and support for gathering and organization of the data from Village, Town, and Community emission sources.  Due Date: 1 Week from completion of actions above

4. Support volunteers on data entry and calculations of GHG emissions with the selected inventory tool.  Perform a quality review of all equations and report to subteam.  Support review of calculations for completeness and accuracy.  Support finalization of data and report.  Due Date:  2-3 Months from completion of actions above

5. Develop GHG emissions forecasts to estimate future growth and present to the subteam.  Due Date: 1 Month from completion of actions above

6. Develop the GHG inventory reports with the subteam and present to the local boards and community.  Due Date: 1 Month from completion of actions above

7. Create local government and community Climate Action Plans: 

               Analyze baseline assessments and develop a vulnerability assessment.   Due Date: 1 Month from      completion of action 6

               With the subteam, identify goals and GHG short- and long-term reduction targets; review                existing and potential initiatives to identify those that may impact vulnerability; and develop                climate adaptation strategy initiatives and resilience goals.  Due Date: 1 Month from completion of vulnerability assessment

               Prepare a proposal for prioritization of initiatives.  Due Date: 1 Week from completion of action above

               Present to local Boards and Community for selection of initiatives to pursue. Due Date: 1 Week     from action above, depending on Board meeting schedules

               Create a plan for implementing the chosen initiatives.  Establish metrics.  Due Date: 1 month                from completion of action above

               Write the CAPs for adoption and support outreach efforts.  Due date: 1 month from completion          of actions above

It is anticipated that the selected consultant will have working knowledge of the current Green House Gas inventory and Climate Smart Communities requirements.

The Town will negotiate the terms of services with the selected consultant.  The proposal must identify the hours anticipated for the listed actions.  The proposal must identify the individuals who will provide services and their hourly rates for services.  The proposal should identify any other costs that may be charged for work performed by the selected consultant. 

Payment for services requires timely submission of an invoice which sets out the services rendered, the individual who provided the services, and the reasonable and necessary time and costs incurred in providing those services.  Invoices must be audited before they are approved for payment.



All qualification and requirements must be met, or capable of being met by the responding firm, or its proposal will be rejected as nonresponsive.

All responsive proposals will be reviewed by a committee of the Town Board, which will make recommendations to the Town Board.  Selection will be based on a staff review and evaluation of the consultant’s qualifications.  Past performance on projects of similar nature, magnitude, and complexity will be the principal evaluation factors.  The committee may short-list firms for a formal interview process.

The Town Board will consider the recommendations of the committee, review the qualified responses to this RFP, and select a qualified, responsive firm that can provide the Green House Gas inventory and Climate Action Plan consulting services required by the Town Board in a cost efficient manner.

               In considering responses to this request, the Town Board will consider:

  • professional qualifications and experience of the individuals who will provide services
  • the experience preparing Green House Gas inventories boards in communities of similar size
  • references demonstrating the ability of the responding firm to efficiently and effectively complete the required scope of work.




Section I (1 Page Max) – Letter of Interest: The Letter of Interest should identify the project, the name of the firm, name of the firm’s primary contact, address, telephone number, fax number and email address.

Section II – Business Organization and Resumes (2 Pages Max) - The name and address of the firm’s organization and the branch office, if any, that will provide the services herein shall be stated.  Resumes showing professional training and qualifications, relevant experience, and office locations of the principal individual(s) that will provide services should be attached. If any work will be performed outside the identified office on a regular basis, the response shall identify the nature of that work, the person who will perform it, and the location of the office

Town consultants are subject to the Town’s Code of Ethics.  The response must include a statement from the firm that either there is not, to the best of their knowledge, any circumstances that would cause a conflict of interest in performing these services for the Town of New Paltz, or an explanation of any circumstances that might result in a conflict of interest on specific applications.

Section III – Statement of Intent (Max 1 Page) – The Statement of Intent shall describe the proposer’s approach to the successful implementation of the proposed scope of services, including:

  • A summary of the Consultant’s understanding and approach to the Town’s proposed scope of services, including any recommended changes or revisions.
  • An outline of proposed methodology to assist the Town with implementation of Green House Gas inventories and Climate Action Plans.

Section IV - References and Past Experiences (Max 3 Pages) –  Provide three public agency references for similar work done by the person(s) that will be providing services to the Town, particularly experience in reviewing land use application and wetlands/watercourse impact.

All things being equal, preference will be given to proposers with experience working with municipalities in Ulster County or abutting counties in the mid-Hudson Valley and/or have key personnel located within the mid-Hudson Valley.