Emergency Preparedness

Local  Emergency Planning Committee 

The Local Emergency Planning Committee is responsible for developing the Town  of New Paltz Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and for monitoring the community’s preparedness for responding to a variety of potential emergencies.    The LEPC meets periodically to assess the planning and resource readiness of the Town and Village of New Paltz for emergency responses.  The membership of  the LEPC includes:

Chair- Lt. Robert Lucchesi, NPPD

Town of New Paltz Supervisor                                           Town of New Paltz Highway Superintendent     

Village of New Paltz, Mayor                                                Village of New Paltz DPW Superintendent 

New Paltz Police Department                                             Town of New Paltz Building Inspector    

New Paltz Fire Department                                                 Village of New Paltz Building Inspector

New Paltz Rescue Squad                                                    Ulster County Emergency Management

SUNY New Paltz                                                                  Family of New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz Health & Safety

New Paltz Central  Schools                                                 American Red Cross

Emergency Management  Specialist                                   Woodland Pond

Emergency Operations Center Manager


Citizen Corps

Citizen Corps is a subcommittee of the LEPC and a major component of the USA Freedom Corps established in 2002 which  emphasizes local crime prevention and emergency response.  Volunteers assist  the  community in times of emergency and by strengthening local security awareness.  For further information, or if you are interested in becoming part of Citizen Corp, contact the Local Emergency  Preparation Committee Chair.


Staff Contacts

Jeff Salt