Important Update Regarding Participation in the CCA Program

As of July 19, 2022, participating customers have been returned to Central Hudson standard electricity supply service. There will not be any interruption in utility service.

Participants WILL:

  • Receive a variable rate, for non-renewable electricity
  • Return to service by Central Hudson for electricity supply  

Participants will NOT:

  • Receive a fixed rate for 100% renewable electricity
  • Be served by the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program through Hudson Valley Community Power
  • Be served by Columbia Utilities Power, LLC

There will be no other changes to your utility account at this time. However, there may be a short delay in receiving your July electric bill until the transfer is fully processed. You may also receive two partial bills for this billing cycle – one up to July 19th, the final period of Columbia’s supply service, and the other starting July 19th, for Central Hudson’s supply service. Central Hudson will also communicate with you about this transfer by letter.

Central Hudson’s variable rate for July is lower than the CCA rate. The Central Hudson rate is expected to increase in the coming months.

Questions can be directed to the Hudson Valley Community Power support team via phone at
(845) 859-9099 ext. 5 or email at

This transfer has occurred because the program supplier, Columbia Utilities Power, LLC, has failed to meet the requirements of the grid operator. In a letter posted on the New York grid operator’s (NYISO) website, they state: ‘The NYISO, by correspondence dated July 12, 2022, declared Columbia Utilities in default, (….) for failure to comply with the NYISO’s creditworthiness requirements. Columbia Utilities remains in default under the NYISO’s tariffs.’

Participating municipalities and program administrator Joule Assets commenced legal action, June 3, with respect to Columbia’s breach of performance under the CCA contract. On July 26, the New York Department of Public Service Office of Investigations and Enforcement issued a letter to the Court stating that the “[DPS] has initiated an independent administrative investigation into the actions of Columbia and its officers, agents and employees” to investigate why Columbia defaulted on its obligations to the municipalities and the NYISO, citing questions about Columbia’s finances and underlying energy supply contacts as reasons for the investigation.

Although the program has ended early, the average household has saved between $300-400 through the program’s fixed electricity supply rate, with a total program savings of over $8 million since the program renewal in July 2021.  While this phase of the program is ending earlier than expected, we are working with Joule Assets, program administrator, to deliver new clean energy program offerings in the future and will contact you with information before we begin the next phase.

Please feel free to contact the Hudson Valley Community Power support team with questions:
(845) 859-9099 ext. 5