Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer for your Town, there are many avenues to do so. Look at the various Committees, Commissions and Boards listed under the 'Committees' tab. Attend a meeting, contact the Chair and/or contact your Town Councilpersons to find out more. Depending on your interest, there may even be volunteer opportunities within the various Town departments.

The Town of New Paltz has openings on the following Boards, Commissions and Committees (updated 11/21/19):

Bike-Pedestrian Committee http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/bike-pedestrian-committee

Citizens Police Advisory Board http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/police-citizens-advisory-committee

Clean Water Open Space Protection Commission http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/clean-water-and-open-space-protection-commission

Community Improvement Team (CIT) http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/community-improvement-team

Historic Preservation Commmission http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/historic-preservation-commission

Public Access Committee http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/television-public-access

Recreation Committee http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/recreation-committee


Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to submit a letter of interest and a resume to assistant@townofnewpaltz.org or mail to the Supervisor’s office, Town of New Paltz, PO Box 550, New Paltz, NY  12561.

Here is a brief description of the various committees and volunteer opportunities:

Bike/Ped: Joint Town/Village committee; reviews issues regarding bicycle and pedestrian safety

Board of Assessment Review: Hears grievances from taxpayers who feel their property has not been equitably assessed and taxed; renders an impartial, objective determination on complaints of assessments

Clean Water and Open Space Protection Commission: a voluntary program available to landowners in the Town of New Paltz. The program is funded and spearheaded by the Town of New Paltz and is managed by an appointed 11-member CWOSP commission. The goal of the program is to provide interested landowners with options and funding sources for completing conservation projects that are a priority to the Town of New Paltz

Community Improvement Team: Beautification committee maintaining public gardens and spaces in the Town and Village. Coordinates Clean Sweep with SUNY and other service organizations

Environmental Conservation Board: Reviews Planning Board site applications for environmental impact, addresses other general environmental concerns

Ethics Board: Renders advisory opinions to the Town Board in the event of an alleged violation of the Town Ethics Law

Historic Preservation Commission: Makes recommendations to Town Board concerning the preservation of landmarks and historic districts with the Town; makes recommendations to the Planning Board regarding applications for site plan review or subdivisions of real property containing landmarks or within a historic district. Conducts surveys of significant historical, architectural and cultural landmarks and historic districts within the Town; proposes structures or resources to be designated as landmarks

Local Emergency Management Committee: Responsible for developing the Town of New Paltz Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and for monitoring the community's preparedness for responding to a variety of potential emergencies. Meets periodically to assess the planning and resource readiness of the Town and Village of New Paltz for emergency responses

Planning Board: Reviews site plan applications for new and existing structures and subdivisions in the Town

Police Advisory Committee: Reviews complaints against NPPD personnel and renders opinions to the Police Commission

Public Access Television: Joint Town-Village committee; mission is to ensure the ability of New Paltz residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through the medium of cable television, to create opportunities for mutual communication, education, artistic expression and other noncommercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis, and to advise the Town and Village Boards on issues regarding Public Access Television

Route 299 Gateway Committee: Task-based committee: reviewing the Town Comprehensive Plan as it relates to the Route 299 Gateway area, and revising the Plan and the Town's Zoning Code as needed to reflect the community’s vision for the Gateway.   The Route  299 Gateway  area  is generally  understood  to be the section of Route 299 from North/South  Putt Corners  Road to North/South  Ohioville  Road,  with  its depth to the north  and south of Route 299 defined by the boundary of the B-2 Zoning District. The precise boundary of the Route 299 Gateway study area will be further refined by the Gateway Committee and the Town Board. The expected outcomeof the Committee's work will be a proposed amendment to the Town's Comprehensive Plan as it relates to this corridor (if needed), and the development of proposed zoning for the Route 299 Gateway Area that addresses the form and function  of development  in that corridor

Senior Services: connects the services and programs for seniors in the Town to each other, and communicates the availability of these resources to local seniors.  Weekly senior luncheons and funding for entertainment programming and field trips

Transportation Implementation Committee: responsible for facilitating executive action by the leadership of the Town and Village to implement traffic project recommendations by monitoring progress and advocating actions to implement

Zoning Board: Reviews applications for interpretation of Zoning Law or map, Special Use Permit, Area Variance, Use Variance