The New Paltz Police Department Patrol Division is the lifeblood of our department. These officers provide 24/7 police protection to the residents, businesses and visitors in New Paltz. With training ranging from the basic police academy to cultural awareness and resolution dispute, our officers are the first line, and the most important one, in making a difference. Additionally, all officers are trained at a minimum level of New York State Certified First Responders and carry automated external defibrillators. These officers can provide life saving medical assistance to those that are injured or sick.


The New Paltz Police Department Communications Division allows New Paltz residents, businesses and visitors and our officers to have access to specially trained emergency communications dispatchers around the clock. Simply by dialing (845) 255-1323, you will reach a police department dispatcher day or night who will be able to give you immediate assistance or get you the help you may need. Our dispatchers go through a rigorous in-house training program that gives them the ability to handle all your needs and at the same time have the local knowledge of the area that can sometimes make a difference.


New Paltz Police detectives have received extensive training in crime scene management and processing, interview and interrogation and surveillance skills. A Detective Sergeant is assigned to run this division. Detectives are assigned to investigate all major crimes, unattended deaths, serious motor vehicle accidents and minor crimes that require more time than patrol officer can reasonably provide. Additionally, detectives are in charge of evidence processing and maintenance and the sex offender registry. Our Detectives work closely with all other local police departments and state and federal agencies. Members of the detective division also coordinate all department cases with the Ulster County District Attorney's Office. Employee applicants are also investigated by members of the Detective Division. The New Paltz Police Department Detective Division can be reached by dialing (845) 255-1357.


Community Relations
The New Paltz Police Department Community Relations Division is handled by patrol officers who have received additional training in "community based" issues or other specialized training related to the overall mission of community relations.  Community relations members conduct presentations on topics ranging from crime prevention to substance abuse prevention, education and outreach.  Presentations for local organizations and groups as well as the Child Passenger Safety Seat inspections and installation are two examples of programs we conduct in the community.     



The New Paltz Police Department Motorcycle Division is the department's newest division going into service in May of 2006. Its primary objective is to be both proactive and responsive to incidents where accessibility to the scene is not readily available due to traffic congestion, areas where normal vehicular traffic is excluded by barricade and/or circumstances where a police vehicle of a smaller profile is most advantageous. Secondary responsibilities will include details for crime prevention and educational programs, law enforcement displays, parades, funeral escorts and details, fairs and carnivals and any other functions or circumstances that would warrant a highly mobile police unit in a congested environment.


The New Paltz Police Department Bicycle Division supplements our patrol cars and motorcycle and allows officers to access areas other vehicles cannot access. Officers assigned to bike patrol have completed additional certification.