Draft Policies for Public Review

 As part of our ongoing effort to engage our community in collaborative community policing, the New Paltz Police Department will post draft policies as soon as practical, providing the community with an opportunity to give feedback prior to approval and implementation. Community confidence, trust and transparency are the essential elements of police legitimacy; the foundation of community policing.  This practice is another step toward this endeavor.  Integrating community input into the New Paltz Police Department’s policies and practices, we hope, will create a shared understanding of how our department serves our community.  And, it makes the process of creating, adjusting, and implementing policies and practices more transparent, while building trust and ultimately strengthening the relationship with our community. 

Draft policies will be posted here, and notice will be given at the monthly police commission meeting.  The community will have a chance to review and comment to the Police Commission at their monthly meeting and/or to the Police Department at their monthly Conversations with the Police.