Recreation Committee

Town of New Paltz Recreation Committee


The Town of New Paltz Recreation Committee is committed to maintaining and improving the recreational resources within the town to promote quality of life through passive & active recreation.

To create recreational opportunities for growth and enhancement by developing services and programs that promote citizen involvement and a strong sense of community, while striving to increase the social, cultural and physical well-being of its residents.

An advisory committee to the Recreation Department, the committee shall, at the discretion of the Recreation Director:

  1. Identify the changing needs of the community through periodic evaluation and make recommendations.
  2. Create and/or advise on Recreational and Park planning
  3. Advise on budget and policies for the Recreation and Park programs & facilities
  4. Advise on and make recommendations for all expenditures made from the Parkland Recreation fund.
  5. Review recreational contracts and fee schedules annually & make recommendations.
  6. Assess facility usage and make recommendations.
  7. To act as liaison between the Recreation Department, recreational associations and other governmental agencies.
  8. Assist in the promotion of the town recreation programs.

Membership; terms of office; officers; meetings; quorum.

The Committee shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the Town Board. Persons residing within the Town of New Paltz who have demonstrated significant interest in and commitment to the field of recreation, evidenced by their employment, involvement in a local recreation group, volunteer activity in the field of recreation or sports, or other serious interest in the field shall be eligible for appointment as members of the Committee.

The committee members, with the exception of the initial term of one of the members which shall be one year, one which shall be two years and one which shall be three years, shall be for four years.

The Committee shall elect a member to act as chairperson thereof and another to act as Vice Chairperson.

The Committee shall meet at least nine times per year.

A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of three of the Committee’s members, but not less than a majority of the full authorized membership may render a decision or recommendation.  

Board Members

Name Title
Chuck Bordino Recreation Director
Amy Harrington Member
Toni Hokanson Member
Bonne Masseo Member
Wayne Pyle Member