2016 Annual Spring Clean up-Recycling Center & Transfer Station

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Household items will be accepted at no charge Saturday, April 23rd through Saturday, May 7th   Open 9:00am to 4:45pm; Tuesday through Saturday at the Town Recycling Center located on Clearwater Road.

The following materials will be accepted:

- household garbage including wooden furniture, clothing, home goods,
  etc. up to 2 cubic yards (pickup truck). You only get one trip using the
  bulk load credit on your Spring Cleanup coupon.
- One (1) each box spring and mattress any size OR a piece of furniture
  up to three (3) seats
- One (1) freon unit: refrigerator, dehumidifier, air conditioner
- One (1) major appliance with no freon: washer, dryer, stove
- Four (4) car tires

We WILL NOT take any construction material, wood/lumber, pallets, carpet, drywall, electronics or liquids (paints, pesticides, pool cleaners). There is a Household Hazardous Waste Day scheduled for April 16th in Kingston. Contact the UCRRA for more information.

For more information call: (845) 255-8456 
or email: recycling@townofnewpaltz.org

Also see www.newpaltzreuse.org  
Seniors over 65 should CALL BY March 31st to schedule pickup during April.