Water District #5

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Meeting Notice March 16, 2015

Engineering Presentation

Paradies Map

Plains Road Map

Intergovernmental Agreement with DEP (Proposed IGA)

Intermunicipal Agreement with Village of New Paltz (Approved)

New Paltz Plains Road Water District Attorney Responses

DEP Contract for Design of Two Water Systems posted 6.29.2015

*NEW*  Water District Q & A     8.18.2015

SEQRA Statement 9.9.2015

Resolution-Notice of Intent to Serve as Lead Agency for Backup Water Supply 9.9.2015

Backup Water Supply Proposed Water District Presentation 9-10-15

Answers to Water System Questions 9-14-15

Intergovernmental Agreement with DEP (Executed) posted 9/30/15.

Petition from Property Owners to be submitted at 11/19/15 meeting

Proposed Order Calling for Public Hearing

Proposed Resolution to schedule a Public Hearing

Exhibit A

Map for Proposed Water District#5

Petition for Water District and Resolution 11/19/15

Engineer Answers to Resident's Questions-received late Thursday posted 12/8/15

Map, Plan and Report (DRAFT)

Map, Plan and Report (FINAL) *Posted 12/9/15*

Environmental Review Summary 2/18/16

Expanded EAF SEQRA presented 2/18/16

Negative Declaration presented 2/18/16

Resolution Declaring a Negative Declaration 2/25/16

Intermunicipal Agreement between the Town and Village for the Long Term Maintenance of the Water Supply System 2/29/16

Resolution-Order Establishing Water District #5 3/3/16

Bond Resolution for Land Aquisition 7/21/16

Bond Resolution for Design and Construction 7/21/16

Report from State Historic Preservation Office finding no effect 9/29/16

Amendment to IGA with DEP 4/24/17

Resolution adopted 4/27/17

Contract extension 9/8/17

Second Amendment to IGA with DEP 11/16/17

Water District #5 DEC Permit 3/9/18

Decision Dismissing Article 78:  3/16/18

Department of Health Permit 3/22/18