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NOTICE!  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm (LAST LOAD IN AT 4:45PM - gates are closed)  We are a residential facility and recycling is limited to one yard a week. If you save up large quantities of recycling, you can take it to the UCRRA Materials Recovery Facility Monday through Friday for free as long as it's separated.  Otherwise, we reserve the right to limit recycling dropped off if it is a large quantity

As of October 2013 We have STOPPED accepting ELECTRONICS and PLASTIC GARDEN CONTAINERS. DO NOT bring these materials to the ReUse and Recycling Center. We are planning on having a scale up and operational so electronics can be delivered at forty cents ($0.40) a pound.

The UCRRA in Kingston will accept ELECTRONICS FREE Monday through Friday until 3pm at their 999 Flatbush Road facility by the Rhinecliff Bridge. Plastic garden containers should be reused, donated to a farm or thrown out for a fee.

The New “Rs”: ReDuce, ReUse, RePurpose, ReCycle

Our goal is to reduce waste through an intense diversion process to remove reusable household and construction materials from the waste stream. This goal includes:

  • Outreach and education to promote smart shopping to help people avoid excessive and hard to recycle packaging.
  • Connect individuals wanting to discard goods with individuals looking to acquire those good.
  • Assist other communities to develop similar reuse programs.

The ReUse Center is open to the public 5 days a week for shopping. We can also provide DeConstruction Information (which is still a program in-the-works) as a green alternative to demolition and disposal.  We have information on computer reuse, and a demonstration area on site to learn about composting and edible plants.

Compost is available in limited quantity so please call ahead to see what is available. Prices range from $30 a yard. (UPDATE 9/16 only compost is available now)

Zero in on Zero Waste! Used materials are a local resource! 

Moving? Redecorating or renovating? Donate your gently used furniture and housewares (and clothes too) to the Salvation Army 61 N Chestnut Street, New Paltz, NY (845) 255-9852 or Good Will 1354 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401 (845) 336-3303.  The Reuse Center DOES NOT accept electronics or appliances.

- Find quality supplies for arts and crafts projects, housewares, home decor, building materials, and much more and at up to 90% off store prices. And there is lots of free stuff too. Inventory changes quickly and there are new items everyday.

- Join us at New Paltz ReUse and make a difference in your local community! We have many opportunities for volunteers to support our mission to enhance community, economy, and environment through ReUse. Whether you can commit to a few hours each week or one weekend a year, we can use your help! For more information stop by or email us [Contact]

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