Department Services Along Township Roadways

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  1. Pot hole repair, patching, paving and guiderail repair, milling, base coating, resurfacing.
  2. Drainage maintenance which includes cleaning and repairing catch basins, ditching, culvert pipe cleaning and/or replacing.
  3. Road mowing.
  4. Signage; repair/replacement of all regulatory and informational signs, i.e., stop, street names, etc.
  5. Sweep loose gravel and debris after winter season and resurfacing.
  6. Removal of dead animals in the public right-of-way.
  7. Trim and remove trees and branches that interfere with safe vehicle operation and/or visibility on town roads right-of-way.
  8. Seasonal pick ups – Brush only is usually scheduled for pick up between April and May, weather permitting. No mixed brush piles will be picked up.  Please do not mix anything with your brush pile, i.e, leaves, grass, pallets, lumber, etc.  Leaf only pick up is usually scheduled for October and November, weather permitting. Leaves will only be picked up if they are in biodegradable bags. The Highway department does not do call in requests for pick up.
  9. Plow snow and spread ice control over 120 lane piles of town owned roads.  Plow cycles usually run 2 to 4 hours depending upon the size of the crew and the amount of snow/ice fall.