Justice Court


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Town and Village courts in NY State are closed. If you had a court date in New Paltz that was canceled, we are rescheduling them for after 6/1/20.   If you have a pending ticket in New Paltz that had not received a date yet, it will be scheduled once we resume with our court sessions.


Please see Contact Info above for Judges schedules. Additional FAQ’s for Town/Village Courts can be found here.

Payments can be made with money orders or visa/mastercard.  You may pay online at: PAYCOURTONLINE.com.  This system is run by an outside company and they do charge a fee.  You will need your case number or ticket number to access your account.  If you need this information, please call the court.

For traffic tickets:  Please fill out either section A or section B and return to the court listed at the bottom of the ticket.  You will receive a court date in the mail if you plead not guilty, you will receive a fine notice in the mail if you plead guilty.

If you send a fax to the court, please follow up with a phone call to ensure we have received your fax.  The confirmation receipt you receive on your end does not mean that we received it on our end.

We do not plea bargain by mail, if you would like the court to consider a reduction, you or your attorney must make a court appearance.

If you are an out of state driver, please bring your driving abstract with you to court or a reduction will not be given on your traffic ticket.

All New Paltz Officers, SUNY Officers and Ulster County Sheriff Deputies prosecute their own tickets.  New York State Police tickets are handled by a Special Prosecutor (these are not handled by the District Attorney’s office).

For Criminal Matters:  You must appear on the date listed on your appearance ticket.  The ADA for Judge Bacon’s court is John Rusk.  The ADA for Judge Katz’s office is Matt Jankowski.  You can contact them by calling the District Attorney’s office at: 845-340-3280.

Court:  Proper attire is required.  No cell phones, cameras, recording devices, or any other electronic devices will be permitted.  No Firearms or any other weapons permitted, unless you are a uniformed officer with proper ID.  No food, beverages, or gum allowed. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jonathan D. Katz Judge 845-255-0041 option 5
James B. Bacon Judge 845-255-0041 option 6
Alex Baer Town Board Liaison