Office for Community Wellness


Phoenix's Mission

Phoenix R. Kawamoto is the Community Education Coordinator for the Town of New Paltz, working with key stakeholders, parents, and youth to develop and coordinate workshops, programs, and activities for all ages.

Numerous community-based organizations, service providers, businesses, etc. continue to donate their time and resources in support of wellness, recovery, and hope within this community. 
Here are some of the events and programs you can expect to see in the months ahead:
  • Parent Information Programs
  • Youth Development Activities
  • Wellness Activities and Events for All Ages
  • Suicide Prevention & Intervention Training
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Recovery Month Celebration
  • And more!

Vist the Office of Community Wellness online at:

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Click here to learn about local resources and training opportunities regarding mental health, substance use disorders, and wellness.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Phoenix Kawamoto Community Education Coordinator (845) 256-5014
Diane Fauci Community Relations Specialist (845) 255-0604 ext 109