Can't make it in during the day and need an accident report? Call 255-7112 during office hours and your report can be left in the communications center for 24 hour pick up. Please wait 5 business days before calling.

The New Paltz Police Department is a New York State Accredited agency dedicated to providing the highest quality police services to our community.  We are committed to working with our community to enhance the quality of life for all while preserving peace, order and safety; enforcing laws and ordinances and safeguarding constitutional rights. We are committed to serving the people of our community with respect, fairness, and compassion; upholding the highest regard for the sanctity of life as well as the dignity and liberty of all people. We are committed to the full-time practice of our core values.

In furtherance of our mission, it is the responsibility of all members and employees of the New Paltz Police Department to perform their duties in a manner that ensures we adhere to our values.

  • Accountability: We understand the authority and responsibilities that accompany our duties and are committed to excellence in our personal performance, professionalism and service we provide.  We are accountable for everything we do, to each other and most importantly to the people we serve.
  • Compassion: We care deeply about our community.  We will serve compassionately and in a manner that is always mindful of the humanity and dignity of the people of our community.
  • Inclusiveness: We will promote an organizational culture of inclusivity, providing a genuine atmosphere of safety for the entire community regardless of identity. We will strive to create a department that is reflective of the community it serves.
  • Integrity: Our success depends on the trust and confidence of the people we serve; to maintain legitimacy we must continuously model behavior that is beyond reproach and reflects the integrity of police professionals.
  • Problem Solving: We are most efficient when we work with the community to identify and solve problems. We believe in organizational and community teamwork, mutual support and open communication to ensure effective police services in our community. Engaging our community and working together on collaborative solutions demonstrates responsiveness while fostering trust and legitimacy. 


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Lucchesi Chief of Police (845) 255-1323
Theresa Hart Administrative Clerk (845) 255-7112
Matt Sutton Lieutenant (845) 255-1323
Carmine Fuoco Sergeant (845) 255-1323
Calvin Halstead Detective Sergeant (845) 255-1323
Channon James Sergeant (845) 255-1323
Evan Redmond Sergeant (845) 255-1323
Joseph Judge Sergeant (845) 255-1323