2019 Route 299 Gateway Rezoning

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Final Report of the Town of New Paltz Route 299 Gateway Committee April 2018 

Gateway Buildout Analysis

Traffic Impact Analysis 9/12/19

Trip Generation Analysis, Gateway District Zoning Change

Exhibit B Town of New Paltz Use Table
(1)   "P" designates a use permitted by right.
(2)   "O" designates a use permitted subject to additional standards pursuant to § 140-52 of this chapter by the Planning Board.
(3)   "X" designates a temporary and/or conditioned use contingent on securing a special use permit in each case from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
4)   "S" designates a special permit use contingent on securing special permit approval in each case from the Planning Board pursuant to the procedural requirements set forth in § 140-55E and Article X.

Natural Resources Inventory February 2019

Route 299 Gateway Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments March 22, 2019

Proposed local law to amend Chapter 140 of the Town Code, Zoning 10/3/19

Resolution Declaring Lead Agency, Classifying Action and Referral

Public Hearing Notice

Ulster County Planning Board Recommendations April 3, 2019

Resolution to schedule a Public Hearing

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 10/3/19

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

FEAF Part 1

FEAF Part 2

FEAF Part 3

Proposed Zoning Map

Notice of Determination of Non-significance 9/27/19

Resolution to adopt a negative declaration 10/03/19

Resolution Authorizing the Adoption of Amendments to the Town’s Comprehensive Master Plan 10/3/19

Resolution Authorizing the Adoption of Local Law No. 7 of 2019

Ulster County County Planning Board Response 9/24/19

Route 299 Gateway Zoning Parcels

Zoning Law Review – Multi-Family Housing, Gateway District Zoning Change

Adopted Local Law #7 of 2019

Transcript of Public Hearing, September 19, 2019